Vehicle Safety

Keeping You Safe

Considering how little distance vehicles travel in reverse, the number of accidents that occur while doing so is huge. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) says nearly one in four deaths involving vehicles at work – in transport yards, distribution centres, warehouses and during deliveries – occur while vehicles are reversing. Operators own accident records too are bound to confirm the disproportionate amount of damage incurred while going backwards.


The construction industry has driven the use of reversing aids on tippers and mixers; the waste industry, utilities and local authorities are fans too, as are parcel, home delivery, tanker and retail fleets. Yet reversing aids of one sort or another are nowhere near as prevalent in other sections of the road freight industry, perhaps because the perceived risks are lower.


We offer a full range of both ultrasonic and electromagnetic vehicle safety aids. These can be fitted to the front or rear of your vehicle to help protect against expensive bumps and scratches.


Parking Sensors

We offer a comprehensive range of fully fitted parking sensors and reversing aids ranging from 2 sensor kits all the way up to 8 eye kits with reversing cameras and LED displays. All our professional parking sensor kits look discreet and are similar in appearance and style to most of the vehicle manufacturer factory fitted options.

Front Facing Camera

Front facing cameras also known as Dash Cams allow you to keep a record of your journey. It can be a great way to clear up any confusion in the event of an accident or insurance claim. Front facing cameras can be installed into cars or other vehicles and used to report issues such as irresponsible or dangerous driving. These front facing dash cams can produce great footage of your journey. In addition they can be used to record scenic routes as well as providing necessary evidence to insurance companies in the event of an accident.

Toiwbars & Lightbars

When it comes to towbars, no matter what you are towing, be it a trailer or a caravan, we have the towbar and electric solution for you. Towing any load can be a daunting thought. However, our excellent products and service will provide you with the safest and most effective solutions for towing. We also offer light bars and roof racks.

Reversing Alarms

Designed to alert other road users and pedestrians to the presence of a reversing vehicle, our reversing alarm range offers a solution to suit any budget. Ranging includes simple cost effective alarms through to dual voltage fully weatherproof alarms.