Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

It’s important to avoid falling into the ‘It won’t happen to me’ mentality, especially when it comes to vehicle theft. This continues to be a problem across the globe. With vehicle crime stats getting higher every year, it’s important to protect against the theft of motor vehicles. This can be done by adding alarm upgrades,tracking systems or in the case of a commercial vehicle physical security locks.


PhoneTech Communications are leading suppliers and installers for many of the markets best security systems. Our experience within this field allows us to personalise vehicle security to suit your vehicle and your trade.


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We offer a wide range of vehicle alarm systems and immobilisers of which some are acknowledged by leading insurance providers.


Authorised dealers for Laserline and Cobra. In addition, we offer a full range of independent alarm systems and immobilisers. We can also offer upgrade alarm systems, which will work with your existing vehicle remote.


We supply and install car tracking devices for your vehicle. We only use the latest in tracking technology aerials, which make the trackers harder to trace in the event of the vehicle being stolen.


A Category 2 immobiliser is a self arming device that cuts 2 circuits on the vehicle that stops it from running, for example by interfering with the starter circuit and fuel or ignition. Once the ignition is switched off the system will arm automatically after a minute. After this period in order to start the car the immobiliser must be disarmed.


There are 2 main types, a touch key immobiliser or a transponder immobiliser. With the touch key type you have to touch the coded key into a receptacle in the vehicle and the system will disarm and the car will start. With a transponder type, you simply carry a small coded chip on your keyring and when the key is placed into the ignition the transponder is read by the immobiliser and in turn disarms the system. This type is more discrete and user friendly.

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