Mobile Communications

Keeping You Connected

Hands free communication is one of the most important developments in the car audio industry. We all spend many hours in our cars due to work commitments and our preferred way to travel. That’s why devices such as hands free kits will not only enhance your driving pleasure but will also keep you within the law when receiving and making mobile phone calls.


Manufacturers such as Parrot, Nokia and Bury have become the leading car kit brands, we here at PhonreTech Communications are certified installers and fitters for these brands and offer nationwide fitting service throughout both Ireland and Northern Ireland.


No matter what vehicle you drive or your company have we have the solution.


Handsfree Phone Kits

By having a professional hands-free car kit fitted to your vehicle will enable you to make and receive calls, listen to MP3 music and even have text messages read out to you (handset dependent).


These hands free kits allow you to stay safe and within the law whilst driving. As authorised installers of Parrot hands free systems and many other leading brands. We can offer a bespoke installation to suit your individual requirements. From basic hands free kits to vehicle specific integrated systems we offer a wide range of solutions to keep you safe.


We can install these car kits at your home or place of work throughout Ireland and Northern Ireland. No matter if you are a private individual or a business customer with a fleet you can be assured we have the correct product for you so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Two Way Radios

Two-way radios are a high-end, feature-rich radio aimed at commercial users such as businesses with large construction sites, hospitals and other settings where a quality device is required. This type of radio generally has a tougher build quality and is more likely to have an IP rating, which makes it ideal for environments such as building sites. We’ll hand pick the best two way radio for your environment.


Our range of stereos some which will stylishly integrate your iPod/iPhone into your vehicle. With superb sound quality and the ability to have access to vast amounts of music.